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We @ Hip Hip Hooray love to live in a playful way and share this game with you.

Complete the puzzle by clicking on the tiles next to the empty space.

When all tiles are in the right order, a hidden message will be revealed. 


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Come to Hip Hip Hooray and let us know this message and you’ll have a meal of your choice for free. 

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Martin Doyle Gallery – an artist living in Chiang Rai – Webdesign in Chiang Rai

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Copyright stems from a protective mindset, one that believes the creator owns his work, and must protect that ownership in order to profit from said work. The creator will share his work with others, but only at a price, and anyone who takes without paying, or uses it as a basis for further creations, is stealing.

That’s the copyright mindset.

The uncopyright mindset is that of someone who gives without any guarantee of profit, who lets go of ownership and believes the world owns his creation. We hope to contribute to the world in a small way, and if others benefit from this contribution, that’s a good thing. And if others use his contribution to create something new and beautiful, that’s a wonderful thing.

The uncopyright creator lets go of ownership, because to hold on to ownership hurts the world, and to try to protect that ownership leads to unnecessary stress.

We also eschew ownership, at least to some degree, and believe owning things doesn’t make us happy. Doing things makes us happy. Helping others makes us happy. Creating makes us happy.

It is from this place that we embrace uncopyright, and in doing so give to the world and hope that the world will be better for it, at least in a tiny measure.

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